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05 criteria to evaluate the quality of a backlink


Links from external sites pointing directly to a page on your site are very important in SEO. They are called backlinks,

Their quality is essential because it can positively influence your natural SEO.

But really, how to know backlink quality? We will show you the factors for this evaluation

01.The quality of the partner site

Let’s break a common idea about backlinks: even if it’s good to have many incoming links on your site, their quality comes before their quantity.Start by reviewing all the sites that link to you.

These so-called “partner” sites play a major role in the quality of the backlink.

They should :

Belong to the same sector of activity as you: it is a question here of having a relevant backlink.
Have a low spam score: you can check this with Moz’s Spam Score Checker.
Have a good domain authority
If a partner site does not meet these three criteria, it is preferable to ask the administrator to remove the link since it penalizes your own SEO.

  1. The relevance of the content of the partner site
    In the previous point, we talked about relevance. Search engines, and even more Google, have the main objective of guiding Internet users to relevant content according to their search.

For example, it makes perfect sense for a blog article presenting the new fashion trends for this summer to link to a ready-to-wear e-commerce site. these links are considered relevant backlinks.

  1. The position of the link in the content
    Few people think to check this criterion when they want to evaluate the quality of a backlink.

The links that are at the heart of the text are the ones that have the most value in the eyes of search engines. Indeed, it is normal to think that the author of the content has inserted these links naturally.

This does not mean that it is bad to have inbound links from sidebars or footers but keep in mind that these are of little importance.

  1. The anchor text of the link
    Whatever the nature of the link (inbound or outbound), its anchor text has always been an important aspect not to be neglected. As a reminder, the anchor of a link corresponds to the piece of text on which the link is positioned: it can be a word or an expression.

Once again, the anchor of a backlink must be relevant to the content to which it refers. In particular, it must contain the main keyword.

Let’s take a practical example. You have a blog article that explains the recipe for strawberry. A quality backlink that is advantageous for your SEO should be positioned on an anchor containing the key phrase “strawberry recipe”, or at least on “strawberry tree”.

  1. The dofollow and nofollow attribute
    This aspect is the most delicate to judge when determining the quality of your backlinks. Before beginning the explanations, let’s clarify the terms dofollow and nofollow. In the HTML code, here is what a dofollow link looks like (the principle is the same with nofollow):
‘https ://www.freemytools.com’ rel=’dofollow’>Editorial platform

When crawlers review the content of a site and come across a link with the dofollow attribute, they will take it into consideration. Conversely, if they see the nofollow attribute, they will not follow the link and the link will have no impact (either positive or negative) on SEO.

Now back to the quality of our backlinks. The idea here is to find the right balance between dofollow inbound links, and nofollow inbound links.

It is possible to have dofollow backlinks from many different (and relevant!) sites. But the same partner site that makes many dofollow backlinks to your content can be detrimental to your SEO. In this case, the partner site must at some point create new inbound nofollow links.

Pay attention to these 5 criteria to judge the quality of your backlinks and remember one thing: prefer quality before quantity. Don’t forget the quality of your own content: it must also be relevant to your audience.

Wondering how to find your backlinks? Use specific tools such as https://www.freemytools.com/


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