Facebook page or group: how to choose?

how to choose?

Do you have your own business? Do you have a professional activity to promote? The first step in achieving this is to have a quality website that matches your brand image. Then you need to drive traffic to your site and market yourself. To achieve this, you can bet on Facebook. Remember that the social network brings together nearly […]

What is the SMO?

What is the definition of SMO? Answer: Social Media Optimization. A term from marketing jargon that strangely resembles SEO, Search Engine Optimization. The SMO speaks of social networks and refers to the techniques that make it possible to promote a company or a brand via social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc So many optimization techniques that provoke alchemy and […]

5 steps to encourage the sharing of your content

Social networks are a great way to boost the visibility of your web content and promote your brand. It’s not for nothing that social media is an integral part of any good content marketing strategy. One of the Grails that any content marketer is looking to land is getting shares on these platforms. Shares that can lead […]

Pinterest: how to use Story Pins?

Pinterest pins will give you the opportunity to put your content forward and therefore increase the visibility of your brand! Little more, they have two interesting features that other platforms do not have: they do not disappear after 24 hours and give pride of place to creators! How to properly use Story Pins  ? Follow this article What […]

Why should reduce the loading time of a web site?

At the risk of [not] surprising you, it is essential for any company to reduce the loading time of its website pages. While the tricks to achieve this goal are often found, the reasons behind this craze for loading times are quite obscure. Here are 3 elements closely related to the loading time of your […]

5 ways to use your social MEDIA networks for SEO

Social networks are not linked to SEO… at least officially! Here are 5 methods that allow you to boost your SEO with social media! You may like or hate social media, but you certainly can’t ignore them. This is especially true if you are a professional. Customers expect companies to have a presence on social […]

The Importance of Voice Search

What seemed unrealistic a few years ago is now real. We all dreamed one day of being able to do research just by talking to our computer or phone. Basic functions such as navigation, questions, and answers, playlist management, or phone calls have been available for some years now. Today, voice search is more and […]

The basic rules of SEO to optimize your SEO

In this article, we will see SEO oriented optimizations (for Search Engine Optimization) to improve the ranking of your website with search engines.  Structure your articles using tags In order to structure your articles, your pages and your site, you will have to use HTML tags. If you use a WordPress or other type of CMS, […]

SEO: 8 tips for finding keywords

A crucial step in an SEO strategy, keyword research facilitates the choice of a reliable semantic core for the content of the pages of the website. These keywords will link what people are looking for and what your site has to offer them. Whatever your field of activity, you will need the right keywords that will […]