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05 criteria to evaluate the quality of a backlink

Links from external sites pointing directly to a page on your site are very important in SEO. They are called backlinks, Their quality is essential because it can positively influence your natural SEO. But really, how to know backlink quality? We will show you the factors for this evaluation 01.The quality of the partner site […]

Best 08 alternative search engines to try

If you want to surf without your data being collected and sold to third-party companies, here are 9 search engines to try! 01.DuckDuckGo, the search engine that overshadows Yahoo! DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, has experienced impressive growth in 2020, receiving 102M daily searches in January. Its growing reputation is because of the fact that […]

SEO: How to make a competitive analysis in 6 steps?

How can you do this? Here are the 6 steps to follow. Step 1: Identify your competitors The very first step in a competitive analysis is the identification of competitors. Rest assured, it is not very difficult to find them. For example, if you are an insurance comparator, you simply need to search the search […]

WordPress: why and how to integrate a breadcrumb trail into your website?

A breadcrumb trail is an often overlooked yet valuable form of navigation. It helps people rank on your site and can even improve the way your content appears on search engines. Before, adding a breadcrumb trail to a WordPress site was long and tedious. But that was before. Today, WordPress has made this process much easier. In fact, there are several options available to you, depending […]

how does the Google robot (Googlebot) work exactly?

Find out how the Googlebot works to better understand SEO and thus better optimize the SEO of your website. With about 40 million unique visitors per month in France, Google is beating the competition. And for good reason, its market share keeps nibbling away at its historical competitors, Yahoo and Bing. It is now more […]

2021 SEO trend: for a successful web strategy!

SEO is constantly subject to new methods and it is necessary to adapt in order to avoid being downgraded by the competition. For this year 2018, you must once again adopt a new SEO strategy as a webmaster. Discover in this article, the top 6 new SEO trends for SEO that will improve your positioning. AMP […]

Why should reduce the loading time of a web site?

At the risk of [not] surprising you, it is essential for any company to reduce the loading time of its website pages. While the tricks to achieve this goal are often found, the reasons behind this craze for loading times are quite obscure. Here are 3 elements closely related to the loading time of your […]

How to generate sales through SEO in 2021?

As the years go by, SEO, or natural search engine optimization, becomes a hot topic among digital professionals and companies. Let’s briefly recall that this term is most of the time associated with the improvement of a website’s visibility in Google’s search engine while it is also assimilated to other competing platforms of the Mountain […]

Create your content directly for the SMARTPHONES

While it is more convenient to consult a 100-page folder or a white paper on the desktop, many other contents are now consumed primarily on the mobile. The L’Equipe website, for example, is one such example, with an audience of 75% mobile users. For sites in the same situation, the first step is to understand […]

5 ways to use your social MEDIA networks for SEO

Social networks are not linked to SEO… at least officially! Here are 5 methods that allow you to boost your SEO with social media! You may like or hate social media, but you certainly can’t ignore them. This is especially true if you are a professional. Customers expect companies to have a presence on social […]